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Nolte Küchen – For life in the kitchen

The kitchen is the room of rooms. We probably live more intensively here than anywhere else in the home. It is the place where we meet family and friends. We cook, eat and enjoy ourselves in the kitchen.

Our two product lines nolte and nolte neo are functional and innovative .The nolte collection embodies innovation and high quality. For example MATRIX 900, the new 900 mm carcase height. The perfect combination of ergonomics and design. Another innovation is the matt lacquer concept. Make your own individual choice to suit your taste from 4 front shapes and 16 colours.

Unconventional and modularly constructed, nolte neo represents hybrid kitchen planning and plays with surfaces and styles. Single kitchen modules can be individually combined with each other or added to an existing kitchen.

In addition to classic kitchen items, the modules also include furniture from adjacent living spaces, such as a bookcase, and a fireplace. These elements can be individually integrated in every environment, and therefore create a smooth transition to the living area. Thus, they represent a new, open perception of life in the kitchen.

More information: http://www.nolte-kuechen.de/en