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As it’s said that a home is a place, that your feet may leave, but where your heart will always stay. We bring you in-house manufactured Furniture as well as German furniture made specially for your customized requirements. Whether it be an office requirement or your desirable wish for your home interior, we make it a priority to make your interior something which would make your eyes light up with joy and would make you say, ” Yes, this is exactly what i wanted “.


We offer a vast range of classy and loveable home decor pieces, which are imported from China, and we have the greatest hope that they will make your home a little more perfect. Like it is said,” If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you “.


We offer a wide range of foreign brands of wall coverings which include names like; Armani Casa, USA P+S wall covering, Arte (Germany), Thibaut (USA), Graham brown (UK), Carl Robinson (USA), Wall mate (China) and many more. We have wall coverings that stand for their exceptional design in which dreams and beauty are embodied. Our outlet masters the craft of Wall coverings.


People might forget what you said, people may also forget what you did but they won’t forget how you made them feel. And that is what we have, the greatest hope that you will never forget how we made you feel with our range of “Grass cloth” wall coverings. If prefer anything that is environmental friendly and also something that makes your walls look classy “Grass cloth Wall coverings” is the optimum choice for you.


The kitchen is the most loved place as it is the rooms of rooms, especially for females. Kitchen designs are as diverse and individual as people themselves. We bring you a wide variety of feel-good kitchen collection that offers the perfect selection for all styles, i.e.; ” Nolte-Made in Germany”. It can make your kitchen a little something special.



If you are looking for something that can make your hard floor surface look better and want to soften it up, we have the right thing for you, that is our wide variety of “Sisal” rugs. Sisal rugs do not build static nor does it trap dust. It also absorbs air humidity or releases it, depending on climate conditions. Imagination is the true magic carpet for your beautiful house and therefore we have the best choice of Natural rugs for you.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

For knowing what you desire for your new or old space décor, you would have to get to our outlet, where you will be asked a number questions regarding what you have in mind about your residential/commercial space and the budget you have in mind. We make sure that our client’s sessions with us are unique and something they have never experienced before.

We have ideas flowing for you once you give us the relevant details. We conceptualize furniture plans and colour palettes for you with your consent, as well as help you select interior furnishes such as paint, wall coverings, floor coverings, home décor, furniture & kitchen range  and natural rugs made out of sisal.

Once the designs are approved and the materials are selected by you we look forward to create your dream décor. If any furniture and kitchen outlets are chosen, we have them made to order for you and are shipped from Germany, as the company name of it speaks for itself, i.e.; Nolte- Made in Germany. You will get this wonderful experience of living in your dream house only at Wall master – Exclusive outlet.

Here comes the exciting part, for us as well as for you and your beloved family. Finally, your desired décor which you only had a glimpse of while idealizing and selecting with Wall master, is turning into something you will cherish. The Kitchen will be built and supplies installed which would have been specially made for your desired needs and shipped from Germany. And yes, we have our greatest hope that it will give you a feeling of a dream come true. Like its said, “Happy are those who dream and are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come true”.